If you need help you can contact us via the methods listed below. Please note that we prefer to be contacted via email. We cannot be contacted via phone.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why isn't the service free?

We are a very small academically-minded company. It would be nice if someone were to buy out the service for public use, but to date this is not something the Danish government or foundations have been interested in. Even if we had the whole market, we would need to require subscriptions. We cannot live off of advertisements - we've learned that the hard way with other services.

Monthly subscription?

We unfortunately do not offer a monthly subscription at this time. The service is already rather cheap for 6 months, so it would not make administrative sense to offer smaller intervals.

Other languages?

Comma and grammar proofing tools for other languages is something that we work on in our spare time, but we cannot offer a specific timeframe. So far, we have comma checking for English, German and Danish, spellchecking for German and Danish, and grammar proofing for Danish.

Service out of order?

Firstly, check in Options whether you have disabled a bunch of error types. If that isn't the cause, please contact us with an example sentence and information about what is misbehaving.

Administrating your subscription?

You can administrate and cancel your subscription from PayPal. You'll find a link to a search of active subscriptions in your profile.

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